Anobium punctatum (Anobiidae)

the furniture beetle


Anobium punctatum adult

Cylindrical or ellipsodial brown beetles, 2.7 - 4.5 mm in length. The pronotum resembles a monk's cowl, covering the head of the beetle.











Anobium punctatum woodworm damage in wood

Both larvae and adults attack wood products. The mines are similar to those made by Lyctus spp.







Anobium punctatum woodworm damage in wood

The infestations are greater in the sapwood of logs where there is more starch stored in parenchyma rays.

Principal Hosts:

Both coniferous and non-coniferous wood products.

Economic Importance:

This introduced species causes occasional damage to furniture and structural wood in houses in coastal B.C. and Washington.

References and Links:

EAG: 536-538; FC: 269.