Agrilus anxius (Buprestidae)

the bronze birch borer


Slender, sub-cylindrical 7-11 mm long. Dark colour, olive-bronze, streamlined.


Ivory coloured. Typical Buprestid, with a wide second thoracic segment and flattened ribbon-like abdominal segments. Legless.


Mining damage caused by Agrilus anxius larval feeding. Attacks weakened trees. Adults do not cause damage directly. Eggs are laid on bark of twigs and the larvae penetrate the cambium and thereafter mine through the phloem. Note that the mines are all separate and do not arise from a common tunnel.

Principal Hosts:

Ornamental birches.

Economic Importance:

Primary concern is for attacks on ornamental species. As the borer kills weakened and injured trees, care must be taken to keep trees in good health.

References and Links:

Birch borer

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See JP17.

Additional Images:

Evidence of old attack.