In this section you can dowload slide shows about our models and projects that the team members have presented at different international scientific conferences, meetings and workshop. Click in pdf to download the files.

Ecological Concepts

Ecological Models

Forest models study cases


  • Forestry, the environment and the role of science. J.P. Kimmins, at the meeting with UBC Alumni in Kelowna, BC, 2005. [pdf] 2.7 Mb

  • Ecological succesion. J.P. Kimmins, at the Nanjing Forestry University, R.P. China, 2006. [pdf] 5.0 Mb 
  • Ecosystem management tenures. J.P. Kimmins, at BC Forum in Vancouver, BC, 2007. [pdf] 3.6 Mb
  • Management of forest complexity. J.P. Kimmins at Faculty Research Seminar, UBC, Vancouver, 2007. [pdf] 3.5 Mb
  • Forest ecosystem management. J.P. Kimmins at the XII World Forestry Congress in Quebec City, QC, 2005. [pdf] 1.8 Mb
  • Future forest ecosystems in B.C. J.P. Kimmins and D. Meidinger, at the 6th NAFEW, Vancovuer, BC. [pdf] 0.6 Mb
  • Science in Forestry: Why does it sometimes disappoint or even fail us? J.P. Kimmins, at PIWAS, BC. 2006. [pdf] 2.4 Mb



  • Ecosystem management modelling. J.P. Kimmins, at the visit of Yunnan delegation to UBC, Vancouver, BC, 2005. [pdf] 4.5 Mb
  • Complexity in decision-support tools. J.P. Kimmins, at Quebec, 2006. [pdf] 7.5 Mb
  • Modelling forest ecosystem management across scales. J.P. Kimmins, at the 5th NAFEW, Ottawa, ON. 2005. [pdf] 1.8 Mb
  • Bioenergy as an ecosystem management product. J.P. Kimmins, at the IEA Bioenergy Workshop, Vancouver, BC. 2006. [pdf] 1,7 Mb

  • Integrating moisture competition witthin an ecosystem simulation model: a description of ForWaDy. B. Seely, C. Welham, J.P. Kimmins. 2004. [pdf] 4.2 Mb
  • LLEMS – Local Landscape Ecosystem Management Simulator. J.P. Kimmins, B. Seely, K. Scoullar, D. Cavens, at CSC, Vancouver, BC. 2006. [pdf] 2.3 Mb
  • LLEMS: an ecologically-based spatially-explicit tool for assessing the implications of variable retention management for selected indicators of Sustainable Forest Management. B. Seely, J.A. Blanco, J.P. Kimmins, C. Welham, K. Scoullar, at "Análisis espacial en ecología: Métodos y aplicaciones", Alcoy, Spain. 2006. [pdf in Spanish] 1.6 Mb



  • Hybrid poplar in Saskatchewan: Projected long-term productivity and N dynamics using the FORECAST model C. Welham, J.P. Kimmins, K. van Reese, B. Seely, at the Poplar Council Meeting, Saskatoon, SK. 2005. [pdf] 5.2 Mb
  • Use of soil organic matter as a tool to predict forest productivity at the stand and landscape level. J.A. Blanco, B. Seely, C. Welham, J.P. Kimmins, J. Bi., at the IUFRO LAndscape Ecology Conference, Chengdu, R.P. China, 2008 [pdf] 0.7 Mb
  • Testing the ecosystem-level forest model FORECAST in North America and China. J.A. Blanco, B. Seely, C. Welham, J. Bi, J.P. Kimmins, at the Int. Workshop on Simulation of Ecosystem Productivity, Zhejiang, P.R. China, 2008. [pdf] 1.2 Mb
  • An integrated modelling approach for the assessment of forest growth and development in the face of climate change: A case study in the western boreal forest. B. Seely, C. Welham, J.A. Blanco, J.P. Kimmins, at Prince George, BC. 2008. [pdf] 3.9 Mb
  • Aplicación de FORECAST, un modelo ecosistémico híbrido, en rodales de Pinus caribaea var. caribaea en Pinar del Río (Cuba). P. Haynes, J.A. Blanco, E. Gonzalez, at the 4th SIMFOR, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. [pdf in Spanish] 0.6 Mb
  • The legacy of forest management in tropical plantations: analyzing its influence with ecosystem models. J.A. Blanco, E. Gonzalez, at the IUFRO World Conference, Seoul, Korea. [pdf] 2.5 Mb