FORTOON is an educational, computer-based, forest management game, and supporting educational software.  It is based on the FORCAST ecosystem management model which in turn is based on an earlier model, FORCYTE-11.  The FORCYTE series of models have been tested in several countries around the world and found to be a useful method of ranking the outcomes of alternative ways of managing a variety of different forests for a variety of different values.

In FORTOON you must manage a forest to maintain different forest values.  You must maintain jobs for local people, create economic wealth to pay for their work and to run the sawmill, and provide a supply of logs to keep the mill operating.  At the same time, you must maintain wildlife habitat.  In this version of the game, we only look at habitat for deer. You must also sustain soil fertility and site productivity.

As you play FORTOON, you may have questions about why certain things happen when you make certain choices.  You can explore some of these questions in the Management Examples section, or learn more about forestry, ecology, ecosystems and wildlife in the Information Classroom section.  These two sections will help you become a more successful Chief Forester in FORTOON by becoming more knowledgeable about forests, ecosystems, forestry and wildlife.

FORTOON is a MS-DOS application. After installing the software, the shortcut should open a MS-DOS window to run the game. If not, make sure to open a DOS windows and then run the game from it. FORTOON works well under Windos XP, but it is possible that the game does not work properly under Windos Vista.