FORECAST is an ecosystem-based, stand-level, forest growth simulator. The model was designed to accommodate a wide variety of harvesting and silvicultural systems in order to compare and contrast their effect upon forest productivity, stand dynamics, and various biophysical indicators of non-timber values. The model uses a hybrid approach whereby local growth and yield data are combined with other data to derive estimates of the rates of key ecosystem processes related to the productivity and resource requirements of selected species. FORECAST uses relatively simple measures of decomposition, nutrient cycling, light competition, and other ecosystem properties to simulate forest growth and ecosystem dynamics under changing management conditions. Growth occurs in annual time steps. Depending upon the species, plant populations within the model can be initiated from seed and/or vegetatively, and stand development can occur with or without competition from non-target tree species and understory populations.

The user interface of FORECAST consisting of soil, tree, plant, and moss setup information, as well as management and output options.


FORECAST output is custom made graphs and tables.